Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles

Past Lives

Past life regression can help explain so many facets of our nature, our phobias and even the lessons we are learning throughout our current lifetime. Fears and phobias have been removed by reviewing a past life and many clients have become more understanding of themselves once they see 'with their mind’s eye' past life events which have lain hidden in their subconscious mind but have had far reaching consequences in the 'now'!


Hypnosis is a state of complete relaxation which is similar to daydreaming. It is an altered state of awareness that is harmless. If you have ever been totally absorbed whilst reading a book or watching a film that is similar to hypnosis.


Regression is the technique of taking a person back through time, using hypnosis to aid recall.

Past Life Regression

This is regression taken a stage further when the subconscious mind travels so far back in time that it is able to access memories from previous lifetimes. If current life memories can cause us such problems just imagine the amount of “baggage” we have accumulated and brought with us over several lifetimes!

By accessing “old memories” we release the ties of many lifetimes which have lain hidden from us.

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy uses the technique of hypnosis to reach back through time and draw upon memories stored deep within the subconscious. These memories often hold the key for many current phobias and outdated coping mechanisms which enable us to understand the cause of our current day reactions. Under hypnosis changes can be made using a non-authoritarian and indirect approach enabling you to learn to solve problems in your own way, bringing about the desired therapeutic results.

Do you work with Groups?

Normally I work on a one to one basis but occasionally where family or friends feel it beneficial I will work with small groups, providing instruction on self-hypnosis and/or aid in the recall of previous lives spent together.