Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles

How does it feel to be regressed?

Using visualisation and relaxation techniques I will gently lead you into a comfortable state of relaxation. You will feel calm and safe. This state is referred to as 'hypnosis' or 'hypnotic trance'.

Hypnosis is a totally natural and harmless state of mind which is similar to daydreaming, it is not sleep and you will remain in control and aware of everything around you. This 'hypnosis' is an altered state of awareness that enables you to experience past lives in your mind’s eye, as if you are actually there.

Is it possible to make someone do something they don’t want to?

No. You cannot be influenced to go against your existing moral or spiritual codes and beliefs.

Will I remember everything?

You will remember most of what you experience whilst under hypnosis but I record all sessions and notes are taken for discussion purposes after each session. Often memories surface over a period of days or weeks, especially through dreams. This is nothing to worry about as your consciousness takes time to process all that you have experienced whilst under regression.

Can I become stuck in another lifetime?

No. These are memories and although under hypnosis can appear very real they are only memories!

Do I have to believe in Reincarnation?

No, many non believers benefit from the insights received during this process, accepting their experience as full of metaphors and symbolic of their problems. This and the discussion techniques used after regression help them to set themselves free of outdated and unwanted responses to various stimuli.

What if there’s an emergency whilst I’m under hypnosis?

If for any reason the therapist should stop talking for a period of time your conscious mind will take over and you will fall into a light sleep, waking after a few moments, or if hearing an alarm, you will return to your normal awake state.

Past Lives - your questions