Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles

“P” is a scientifically minded gentleman who has a passion for Astronomy and came for Regression out of curiosity. He had no preconceptions of what would or should happen during his regression.

This session was filled with descriptions of rock formation, the unusual landscape and the mode of transport! By thinking where he wanted to go “P” discovered he became weightless and could fly much easier than walk. His body, although appearing normal, felt deceptively heavy which made walking difficult and tiresome.

The moons and sky with clouds of changing hues filled him with awe which was reflected in his voice and his lack of speech when experiencing the amazing sensations of his surroundings. He talked of flying over the sea and around the island where there were neither signs of animal or marine life nor any signs of man.

One unanswerable question that arose from this session was did “P” experience planets and the sensation of flying because of his love of astronomy or is his fascination with this subject the result of past or future events?

Note: Many people have experiences of unusual landscapes and other planets which have been documented and frequently appear in “life between lives” sessions. Others believe they have at some time lived on different planets. Given that the Universe is an unknown quantity to which we have limited access, who is to say that past and future lives may or may not be lived out elsewhere!

Life between lives, or life 
on another planet?