Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles

As it is very important that you trust and feel comfortable when you meet your therapist I have outlined my personal journey below.

As a mother of four and having worked for more than twenty years as a Personal Assistant in various industries interacting with people from all walks of life, I became fascinated by what makes us who and what we are. By Listening to my co-workers  I became aware of how issues in their personal lives affected their health and work ethics, sometimes leaving them feel out of balance and out of control.

I wanted to understand how people react so differently to identical situations - whilst some may flourish, others can become hopelessly lost and disillusioned.

I studied people’s attitudes to life in general and eventually became convinced that “thought and effect” had a great deal to do with it and I wholeheartedly believe that this is what makes the difference!

I also became increasingly aware that although some health issues can be genetic or environmental others arise from our emotions and thoughts resulting in stress, phobias, unwanted habits and even relationship problems.

We all have periods in our lives when we are not living to our full potential, or maybe even feeling as if we are just existing, nothing changes, we are on a road leading us nowhere in particular. Whilst going through one of these phases in my life I was fortunate enough to discover the wonderful power of Hypnosis and the therapeutic relief it can bring.

The profound effect it had on my life was the catalyst to train in Clinical Hypnosis and Complementary Therapies in order that I could help others feel so much better and more in control of their lives.


I am fully qualified and insured  to work with the following modalities:

Clinical Hypnosis

Smoking Cessation

Stress Management

Past Life Therapy

Virtual Gastric Band Programme

Reiki - Master/Teacher

Complementary Therapies

About Judy