Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles


The word REIKI is Japanese (pronounced Ray Kee in the West and Lay Kee in Japan) and usually translated as “Universal Life Force” or “God-consciousness Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Energy”.  The word is divided into two parts.

REI: Translated as “Wisdom and knowledge of the Universe, Spirit, Consciousness,
or Higher Intelligence”.

Ki: Translated as “Energy or Life Force”.  Ki is the same as Prana in Sanskrit or Chi in Chinese and is part of the martial art training and development system.  This is the same energy used in breathing exercises for Meditation or Yoga.



Reiki is a universal source of healing energy that is felt or experienced in many different ways. Some people have a tingling sensation or feel warmth or coldness in certain areas of their body. Others see colours or shapes and some even physically vibrate.

We are alive because of the energy (life force) flowing through and around us. Energy flows within the physical body through Chakras, Meridians and Nadis nourishing the organs and cells and supporting them in their vital functions.

This energy can become disrupted by negative thoughts or actions, diminishing the vital functioning of the cells and organs of the physical body and leading to blockages in the Chakras which in turn can lead to mental and physical disease. It also affects our emotions and spirituality causing disease in the mind and body and can literally make you ill.

You know how on a dark, damp day we feel lethargic, have lower energy levels and are rather “down in the dumps”, this is similar to how our chakras are affected by negative energy.

Reiki is an ancient way to activate and harmonise our natural life energy. A practitioner does not heal other people, they pass on the Reiki energy enabling you to activate your self-healing powers flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and recharging them with positive energy. If you imagine a fibre optic tube and how light travels along it that, in essence, is how Reiki is channelled.

As it raises the vibratory level it causes negative energy to break and fall away.

The main advantages of using Reiki to help heal are the non-invasive way it is given (the client remains fully clothed throughout) and the wonderful sense of peace and tranquility it brings with it.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher I hold regular workshops on how to use this wonderful and beneficial ancient art of healing.

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