Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles

“J” was a middle aged lady who wanted to experience PLR to see what lifetimes she may have had before. She was particularly concerned about a relationship that had recently ended and was finding acceptance difficult.

Once in hypnosis she immediately went back to a life in Egypt when she was working for someone she referred to as “The Master”. This master had saved her as a child from a fire that had killed all her family and she felt beholden to him. For the rest of that lifetime she worked for him and his wife, looking after their home.

She died in her 70s and as she experienced her death scene (as if on a movie screen) she put her hand to her left side.

Throughout her regression she repeated that a debt of gratitude was owed to her master.  When she came out of hypnosis we discussed what had happened and I asked if she had recognised anyone from that lifetime as someone she knew in this lifetime. Firstly she remembered the gardener who she had described as having “dancing eyes” and was amused that in this lifetime he was actually her dance partner.

She also recognised the Master as someone who in this lifetime she had felt drawn to but couldn’t understand why. This friendship had become very difficult as there were other partners involved. Over time she became more and more concerned about his health and one day in particular he was feeling unwell and she noticed he was looking rather “grey”. She convinced him to accompany her to the A&E department where his condition rapidly deteriorated and he suffered a massive heart attack. She was advised by the doctors that had she not taken him to the hospital when she did, he would never have survived.

She has since accepted that this current life relationship, though full of obstacles, was necessary for her to repay her debt of gratitude by saving her “Master’s” life over 4000 years later.  She now feels able to let go of the relationship and look to the future in a more understanding and positive way.

When I asked her why she had put her hand to her left side during her previous death, she wasn’t sure what was wrong with it, only that it was something to do with her death. What she did say was that in this lifetime, ever since she can remember, she has suffered pain in that side. She has had many tests but none can provide any reason as to why she should suffer this pain.

“J” felt her pain to be an old memory linked with her past life and the debt she owed. She believes she no longer needs to feel the pain in this life. Her debt is repaid and no reminder is needed!

Egypt 2000BC