Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles


Although there are many methods aimed at providing you with a quick and seemingly instant fix to help you stop smoking, you need to ask yourself one question before you embark on such a course.

“Do I want to become a Non-smoker?”

If the answer is yes then the quick fixes are not for you.

There are many ways available to stop smoking including Nicotine replacement therapy, which may be patches, gum, inhalators, nasal sprays, lozengers or prescribed drugs.

However, none of these touch on the reason for your smoking. You can kick the nicotine addiction but the habit remains.  You still imagine “lighting up” when answering the phone, having a coffee or feeling under pressure.

“When there is a battle between the imagination and the will - the imagination always wins!”

Research evidence consistently points to multi component treatment as the most effective means to achieve long term abstinence.

Therefore to help you become a Non-smoker I work with a system that combines: